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A camera lens driven by a true passion for wildlife

As described by : Randy Quinn


I love photographing birds, and early morning is the best time for it. I have a blind set up by the feeders in my backyard. I often wake up before my family, fill the feeders and birdbath, and then climb inside the blind to wait .

I'll admit that this routine is harder to keep up in winter, especially when I'm shivering in the snow and waiting for hours on end. But at the same time, it's a lot easier to photograph birds in winter. They don't have the food available to them that they have at other times of the year. When they are cold and hungry, they will come in closer to my blind and stay longer.

There's nothing like being there at the right moment when the sun comes up over the horizon, and the birds land in the perfect spot. During winter, they fluff their feathers to conserve their heat, and it makes for amazing pictures.





 The Rule of P's

As described by : Randy Quinn


 I work for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and got started taking bird photos as a hobby about 5 years ago. I love being part of nature, and I always stick to my 

" 3 P's " rule when I have my camera.



The first of the three P's is prayer.

I always pray when I go out to photograph. After all , the Lord is in control of nature.


The second of the three P's is practice.

You can never have too much practice in anything you do.


And finally, the last of the three P's is patience.

Wild animals don't necessarily listen to what we want them to do ,

so patience as a photographer is a must.



Lure of Bluebirds

As described by : Randy Quinn


With all the thousands of pictures I've taken over the years, bluebirds are my favorite subjects. They are so photogenic, and when I see one fly across the sky, they always put a smile on my face.

I still strive to get the perfect bird picture, though I'm not sure I ever will. I believe that no matter how good a picture is, it can always be better.

This is what keeps me in my blind when I can't feel my toes or fingers. There's always room for improvement, which is why I'll be crawling in my blind tomorrow morning!




Proud member of the :

Armstrong County, the Heart of Western PA

" God shows his love to us everyday through the beauty of Nature, the sad thing is most of us are in such a hurry we never even see it! " .

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