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On this page I decided to share with my website visitors what others have to say " from the people themselves " that have allready discovered my photography . I have also included some personal notes from others within the photography field and how they feel about my work and ethics as a photographer .





" Randy is an up an coming young photographer who pursues his work with extreme seriousness . " by : Willard Hill - May 11, 2008




" Randy Quinn is an outstanding photographer who has spent a lot of time in Cades Cove in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park . He has amassed an amazing collection of superb photographs of bears and whitetails while working there . He is a super bird photographer and has been published in Birds and Blooms magazine . He also has a fine collection of Pennsylvania Elk Photographs . " by : Willard Hill - October 21, 2008




" The Chamber is especially proud of the map’s cover, which features “Nature’s Hymn,” a beautiful photograph of a Buffalo Creek waterfall, shot by distinguished photographer Randy Quinn " by The Armstrong County Chamber Of Commerce - 2010




" I often recieve phone calls about Quinn's photos. Everyone is amazed at the talent that he has and truly enjoys his photography," she says. "I love that each of his photos captures the essence of our region and Armstrong County in particular. What a treasure we have in him. He passes along his strong morals and spiritual strength through his photography " by : Jessica Coil - Director of Armstrong County Tourist Bureau




My patients enjoy Quinn's work , there is never a week that goes by that I don't get some positive comment about Randy's photos. Our imaging center is filled with his work and has been for three years. We look forward to many more pictures "

"Randy has a great eye that captures the essence of this and adjoining counties. His work is very soothing to those of us who appreciate the rural setting and the awesome beauty that this area enjoys" 

" Quinn is adept at adding a whimsical touch to his photographs . He is able to give a lasting eye's view to this beautiful part of the country that we call home. We feel like we've been exactly where he took a particular picture many times, and it's like sitting in an old, comfortable chair. We're home and we like it." by : Dr. James Backstrom - Chief of radiology at Armstrong County Memorial Hospital and Medical Director of the Armstrong Outpatient Imaging Clinic in East Franklin





" God shows his love to us everyday through the beauty of Nature, the sad thing is most of us are in such a hurry we never even see it! " .

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